If you aren’t getting the workout results you want, there’s a new alternate path that can produce results even better than what you’ve hoped for!

This breakthrough plan, described in the new book Push, Pull, Swing, delivers:

Three times faster results vs. ordinary resistance and cardio workouts!

Major new muscle — made easier than with traditional workouts!

“Off-the-charts,” fat-torching calorie burn

Vastly increased strength and stamina!

More flexibility and superior sports performance!

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Research shows a dramatic superiority of the Push, Pull, Swing program over the kind of resistance workouts most guys do.

At the University of Wisconsin, fitness experts had a group of volunteers aged 29 to 46 begin a training program based on swinging kettlebells. That’s one of the three types of gear you can use with Push, Pull, Swing; the other choices are dumbbells and sandbags.


During a 20-minute workout, the researchers measured what they described as “off-the-charts” results in fat-torching calorie burn — an average of 400 calories in just 20 minutes.

That’s equivalent, they reported, to running a 6-minute mile .— or “cross-country skiing uphill at a rapid pace”!

Yet they weren’t running or skiing, but doing a strength- and muscle-building exercise you can do in your home gym!

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Kick-Ass Cardio
No Running Needed!

Besides “off-the-charts” calorie burn, the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, researchers found phenomenal cardio benefits produced with kettlebell exercises. The volunteers averaged 93% of their maximum heart rate over 20 minutes — with some averaging an amazing 99% of max!

Add that huge benefit to your
workouts with
Push, Pull, Swing!

A top personal trainer puts it this way:

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Real-Life Results You’ll Enjoy Outside the Gym!

CELEBRATE YOUR FITNESS! The exercises you’ll do with Push, Pull, Swing are perfect preparation for real-life fun and excitement. You don’t want to “pull a hammy” when you’re doing stuff like this!

Benching 10 more pounds or doing 10 more situps is satisfying in the gym, but that may not add up to anything of importance in real life.

The Push, Pull, Swing program is a different animal. Because it concentrates on fluid movements in different directions, it vastly increases your ability to smoothly run, jump, swim, perform on the court and field, and swing a sledgehammer — and yes, rumble and tumble with your sweetheart! And because it greatly increases your flexibility, you’ll have a wall of protection against injury when you reach too far to return a serve or lose your footing on a trail run.

America’s Top Trainers Go to Work for YOU!

Professional trainers live and die by the results they achieve, and in Push, Pull, Swing, you’ll have 11 of the top trainers in America describing exactly how they use the exercises in this book to improve their clients’ results.

These men and women train students, Olympians, and top pro athletes, and several are instructors at the National Academy of Sports Medicine. The routines they share with you can be performed with dumbbells, kettlebells, or sandbags.

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